Bei uns fließt 100% echter Ökostrom

With us flows 100% real green electricity

Our green power supplier Polarstern celebrates its 10th anniversary

Polarstern, one of very few "genuine" 100% green electricity providers, is a company that measures itself by values for more common good. It is hardly surprising that the company was chosen as the test winner of Öko-Test and was awarded the title "Most Innovative Company in Germany" for the fourth time in a row.

In any case, we can only congratulate the guys and gals behind Polarstern - on 10 years of changing the world!

Why do we actually get our green power from Polarstern?

There is one cogent reason above all: because Polarstern, unlike the vast majority of other electricity providers, has the really good energy and doesn't just engage in "greenwashing" by offering a green electricity tariff in its overall portfolio. We are united by this approach of countering the established structures in an industry, which are often not very oriented towards the common good, in order to make the world a better place. Because we also want to change something in the world with Completeorganics - for more sustainability and a rethinking in minds and kitchens. It is therefore clear to us that we are not satisfied with half measures and some "hypocritical" green electricity tariff when it comes to the electricity that flows behind the gates of our manufactory.

Many people may not even be aware of this, but green electricity is by no means all the same. While most electricity providers purchase certificates for their green electricity tariffs and engage in greenwashing, as it were, Polarstern obtains its electricity exclusively from sustainable sources. Profits are also reinvested exclusively in public welfare-oriented projects for the generation of green electricity, thus making a lasting contribution to a genuine energy turnaround.

Polarstern's green electricity is generated 100% from German hydropower, independent of nuclear and coal power. The eco-gas, on the other hand, consists of 100% biogas - free of fossil natural gas or manure from factory farming, but biogenic residues and plant sources.

And: Polarstern supports the energy turnaround with 1 cent per kWh consumed by green electricity customers and 0.21 cents per eco-gas kWh. So we can be completely sure that every cent of our electricity bill, ultimately our customers' money, is being put to the best possible use for the planet :)

Biogas plant, Cambodia

Africa Green Tech, Madagascar

Non-profit projects worldwide

But that's not all. Because profits at Polarstern are also reinvested in exclusively sustainable and genuinely meaningful projects. The moment you switch to Polarstern, families in Cambodia and Madagascar also get access to clean energy - per customer, 20 euros per year go into this expansion of renewable energies.

"The energy turnaround in Germany is good - but it's not enough. The turnaround must happen everywhere!" says Polarstern.

These are all aspects that, as you know, are also close to our hearts and are simply not guaranteed with other electricity providers. It is definitely worth it to us to pay a little bit more for our electricity, because sustainability and public welfare cannot be promoted by the cheapest electricity tariff via Check24.

To get to know the people behind Polarstern a little better, we asked them a few questions

Flo and Simon from Polarstern
How did Polarstern come into being?

Polarstern was founded in 2011 by Florian, Simon and Jakob. All three of them were in a transition situation and wanted to use their manpower for something meaningful - something that would shape the future more strongly.

All of them have directly or indirectly an energy background and so they saw it as time to REALLY advance the energy turnaround - so also in the area of heat Polarstern = the first green energy supplier to offer tariffs exclusively from 100% renewable energies for electricity and heat (green electricity & green gas). Unfortunately, this is still far from being standard.

You want to change the world with energy - what is behind this vision?

Energy transition and climate protection are the biggest tasks of our generation - and they cross borders. Both nationally and structurally. Because real change needs more than sustainable products. Our economic activity and consumption itself must become more sustainable.

What is "Really" all about?

When we say "Really," we mean it. There are so many half-truths in the energy market. So much green gas, which is actually based on natural gas. So much green electricity that does nothing at all to advance the energy transition. So much climate-neutral business that is not sustainable at all, because it only compensates, but doesn't change anything. With Really, we express that all this is different for us. Namely, really genuinely sustainable.

You support some projects worldwide - what can be said about this as an outlook, are there further plans for the future?

We have been active worldwide since our founding, so we have always supported global energy transition initiatives, including in countries of the Global South. This is an integral part of Polarstern, which we are expanding in our existing collaborations and also new ones that are being added (such as recently in Madagascar).

Climate protection for you in 3 words

Better one word: Indispensable!

If you could give humanity one piece of advice:

Do not saw on your own branch. (That is: overexploitation of the planet harms us all. It robs us and our children and grandchildren of a future worth living).


By switching to Polarstern, you are helping to make the world a little bit better. And if you're thinking "this move is way too much effort for me" - the switch is super easy and uncomplicated, with a few clicks you've done it. You don't have to worry about anything, because Polarstern takes care of everything and makes the change of your electricity provider as smooth as possible.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to write to us at Instagram or send us an email at