the salsa trio

the salsa trio
For all veggie salsa lovers

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✔︎ With active cultures

✔︎ naturally fermented

✔︎ without additives and sugar

✔︎ in set for special price

For all those for whom one jar of "die veggie salsa" is no longer enough - in a reduced triple pack.

3 × the veggie salsa

100% organic vegetables, completely without additives and not pasteurized, but full of living cultures that are good for your gut - happy gut, happy you!

"die veggie salsa" goes well with any dish that can tolerate a spicy acidity. E.g. with tacos, on cream cheese bread, with pasta (instead of capers) or as a dip on Friday evening on the couch.


our ferments offer fresh-sour taste sensations and make plant-based nutrition simply exciting