Hi, we are Completeorganics

Many thought it was impossible to work completely naturally, without additives and sustainably in the modern food industry. We thought "no way, no how!" and started to ferment organic vegetables by hand with a lot of effort.

Industrially produced food with artificial additives, unhealthy fats, lots of sugar, few nutrients and hardly any naturalness is actually only fun for industry - less for the environment and least of all for consumers.

With our living natural products we set a radical counter draft. We deliberately avoid pasteurization (heating) and preservatives for preservation - even colorants and flavorings have no place in our ferments.

We see the world as a whole. Our top priority is to always act in harmony with the needs of nature, our suppliers, employees and customers in order to become a complete company.

a sustainable future starts today

By deciding what goes on our own plates, each and every one of us can make a difference. With Completeorganics, we stand for sustainability and the common good - everything from fair trade and completely transparent.

Plant-based nutrition is the future. With our diverse product range of purely plant-based and exciting ferments, we are making plant-based, i.e. vegan, nutrition even more diverse, easier and ultimately more attractive.

Fermented instead of ditched. Not only do we strive to process plenty of Misfit vegetables that would never find their way into stores because of their appearance, but the long shelf life of our ferments after opening helps prevent food waste in home refrigerators. Thus, we are now also a proud member of the alliance "We save food" of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

Short and transparent supply chains. For most of the year, we source our vegetables from regional, Bavarian organic farming within a maximum radius of 150km to keep the carbon footprint of our ferments as low as possible. Take a look at the individual products in our store - there you will find maximum transparency on the origin of all our ingredients used.

Energy efficient production. For the already very resource-saving production of our ferments, we use only genuine green electricity from Polarstern.

‍Conscioususe of packaging. We pay attention to our ecological footprint and try to reduce plastic and packaging waste as much as possible in all processes of our production. So we are happy to accept considerably more effort and risk, even though it is not only more expensive but also more challenging for our living products. Starting with plastic containers in order to be able to send lighter packages (and therefore cheaper), or plastic labels that can be detached from the glass more quickly? - For most food manufacturers this is the best solution because it is cost effective, but for us it was not an option from the beginning.

Do you think there is more we can do and do you have any suggestions for us?
Feel free to contact us at hi@completeorganics.de.

a startup full of life

In 2017, Boris the chef, Basti the business economist and Max the advertiser founded Completeorganics as an interdisciplinary team. As with many other startups, everything had its beginning in a small backyard garage.

Defying all the adversities that come with setting up a food production, however, the tide has turned in our current production.

In the meantime, we have found our home in Aschheim near Munich - with much more professional possibilities and plenty of room to grow. We employ 20 people from different countries and cultures and cooperate with many different partners - especially the close partnership with Regenbogen, an integrative workplace, which is an important part of our work chain.

From the beginning, Completeorganics has never been about selling products, but rather about reinterpreting fermentation, exploring it, and bringing it to the plates of the world.