Fermented vegetables taste really good, but how do I eat them now?

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Burger getoppt mit gurken kimchi
gurken kimchi

Burger topped with cucumber kimchi

Our hearty vegan kimchi burger with the refreshing twist of our cucumber kimchi is a culinary delight you'll love!
goji rote beete-Salat mit Apfel und Meerrettich
goji rote beete

goji beet salad with apple and horseradish

This apple goji beetroot salad with creamy sour cream and fiery horseradish! A perfect balance of sweet and spicy, garnished with fresh cress.
Indonesisches Gado-Gado mit daikon kimchi
daikon kimchi

Indonesian gado-gado with "the daikon kimchi

In German "Mischmasch", the salad is a culinary classic of Indonesian cuisine. We refine it with our kimchi
Avocadobrot mit mildes kimchi und Granatapfel
daikon kimchi

Avocado bread with "the new kimchi" and pomegranate

Rustic snack times differently - Umami guaranteed
Grilled Cheese Sandwich mit Kimchi
daikon kimchi

Grilled cheese sandwich with "the new kimchi

The ultimate "cheat meal" - where we also cheat a bit
Rote Bete mit Linsen, Kräuterjoghurt und kurkuma blumenkohl
kurkuma blumenkohl

Beet with lentils, herb yoghurt and "the turmeric cabbage".

Beet from the oven with lentils on herb yoghurt and "the turmeric cabbage".
Tabouleh mit ingwer karotte
ingwer karotten

Tabouleh with "the ginger carrots

Probably the most famous salad from Lebanese cuisine, with simple ingredients but lots of flavor - quick, easy and fresh.
Maronenpolenta mit goji rote beete und Käsealternative
goji rote beete

Chestnut polenta with "the red goji beet" and Dr. Mannah's "blueberry thyme

Autumn on a plate - polenta, chestnuts, "the red goji beet" and Dr. Mannah's "blueberry thyme".
Scharfe Llajua mit Sriracha
die neue sriracha

Spicy Llajua with "the new sriracha

A very spicy sauce, which is served in South America - especially in Bolivia - to virtually everything