Fermented vegetables taste really good, but how do I eat them now?

bring life to your plate and your daily diet - with delicious and simple recipes

Avocadobrot mit mildes kimchi und Granatapfel
daikon kimchi

Avocado bread with "the new kimchi" and pomegranate

Rustic snack times differently - Umami guaranteed
Grilled Cheese Sandwich mit Kimchi
daikon kimchi

Grilled cheese sandwich with "the new kimchi

The ultimate "cheat meal" - where we also cheat a bit
Veganer Burger mit Kimchi
daikon kimchi

Veganer Burger mit Kimchi

Kimchi und Burger? Und wie das passt! Eine wahre Geschmacksexplosion erwartet dich
Kürbissuppe verfeinert mit Soja Cuisine, Kürbiskernen und Kimchi
mildes kimchi

Pumpkin soup refined with soy cuisine, pumpkin seeds and "the new kimchi

Pumpkin sweetens the cold winter months - we refine the soup classic with our kimchi
Gebackene Aubergine mit Granatapfel und Kimchi
daikon kimchi

Baked eggplant with pomegranate and "the new kimchi

Fresh and sour taste experience with yogurt, pomegranate and kimchi
Smashed Potatoes mit Kimchi und Käsealternative
daikon kimchi

Smashed potatoes with "the new kimchi" and cheese alternative

Crispy potatoes with "the new kimchi" and Dr. Mannah's "chives" - the perfect combination
Rosenkohl-Kartoffel-Curry mit Kimchi und Planted.Chicken
mildes kimchi

Brussels sprouts and potatoes curry with the new kimchi and Planted.Chicken

Brussels sprouts taste especially good in vegetarian dishes - but even better in combination with Planted.Chicken and kimchi
Nudel Bowl mit Tofu, Spinat und Kimchi
mildes kimchi

Noodle Bowl with tofu, spinach and "the new kimchi

A Buddha Bowl with your favorite ingredients is always a good idea - and kimchi on top makes the recipe complete.
Gegrillter Räuchertofu mit daikon kimchi
daikon kimchi

Grilled smoked tofu with "the daikon kimchi

Quick cuisine with a star restaurant look. Smoked tofu topped with "the daikon kimchi" and fried glass noodles as a final touch.