Fermented vegetables taste really good, but how do I eat them now?

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Spargel-Pasta mit Bärlauchpesto und blueberry kraut
blueberry kraut

Asparagus pasta with wild garlic pesto and "the herb with cranberries".

With easy ingredients, ready in less than half an hour and incredibly delicious
Rote Beete Onigirazu gefüllt mit blueberry kraut und kurkuma blumenkohl
blueberry kraut

Beet Onigirazu stuffed with "the herb with cranberries" and "the turmeric cabbage".

Onigirazu rethought - the full load of vegetables with the vegetable wrap from Beetgold and fermented vegetables.
Herbstlich-winterliches Ofengemüse mit Sauerkraut⁠
blueberry kraut

Autumn winter oven vegetables with sauerkraut

With this Buddha Bowl you conjure up the winter incredibly delicious
Grüner Salat mit sommerlich-frischem Aroma durch blueberry kraut
blueberry kraut

Green salad with summer fresh aroma by "the herb with cranberries".

Salad should not be missing on any barbecue table - our pink sauerkraut not only gives it a colorful accent
Bunte Gemüsebowl mit Black Bean Tempeh und blueberry kraut
blueberry kraut

Colorful vegetable bowl with black bean tempeh and "the herb with cranberries

Goodbye summer? No problem, with this bowl we bring back the summer!
Zucchini Rösti getoppt mit blueberry kraut
blueberry kraut

Zucchini Rösti getoppt mit blueberry kraut

Eine unschlagbare Kombi und dazu noch eine tolle Farbe
Bauernsalat aus Gurke, Paprika, Zwiebeln und blueberry kraut
blueberry kraut

Farmer's salad of cucumber, peppers, onions and "the herb with cranberries".

This super simple but really tasty farmer's salad with our cranberry slaw is perfect for any cookout