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whether news, exciting backgrounds or things we are proud of - here you can find out everything about our startup.

Wir haben umgestellt – alles was du dazu wissen musst

We have changed - everything you need to know about it

Get to know our new range and see what we have adapted
10 Ideen zum Upcycling unserer Gläser

10 ideas for upcycling our glasses

Our glasses are perfect for bringing creativity into your home. And we'll show you how - If you want to buy sustainably, you reach for glass - but surely you've heard someone say: "Glass is anythi...
Alles über Kimchi

All about kimchi

What makes a perfect kimchi? We enlighten you about the celebrated superfood - What the potato is in Germany, kimchi is in Korea: served with every meal, pickled Chinese cabbage is the national d...
Bei uns fließt 100% echter Ökostrom

With us flows 100% real green electricity

Our green power supplier Polarstern celebrates its 10th anniversary - Polarstern, one of very few "genuine" 100% green electricity providers, is a company that measures itself by values...
Einfache Tipps zum Re-use unserer Schraubgläser

Simple tips for re-using our screw jars

Too good for the bottle bank - We are often asked how our labels can be removed so that the screw jars can be reused. Those who know and use our products know that this is sometimes a bit more diff...
Selber Fermentieren – so gehts

Fermenting yourself - this is how it works

Step by step to your first self-fermented vegetables - Carrots for every taste.With ginger - minimalistic and exciting at the same time. One of our classics.- You will need these utensils- A ...
Build your Bowl – mit fermentiertem Gemüse

Build your Bowl - with fermented vegetables

A colorful mix of balanced and healthy ingredients that give you the full load of vitamins and minerals. It goes without saying that our cuts should not be missing. - What is a Buddha Bowl?- Car...
Was verleiht unseren Fermenten die besondere Würze?

Was verleiht unseren Fermenten die besondere Würze?

Unsere leckeren und nachhaltigen Bio-Gewürze von Soul Spice – Starke und faire Partnerschaften für Gewürze aus fernen Ländern – Der Erfolgsschlüssel, um von einer Rezeptidee zum fertigen Fermen...
WeltverbEsserer-Award 2020

WeltverbEsserer-Award 2020

Unser fermentiertes Gemüse wurde als nachhaltigstes Food-Produkt Deutschlands ausgezeichnet –  Freude und Stolz sind riesig– Wir konnten die Jury des WeltverbEsserer Wettbewerbs 2020 mit unserem ...