Einfache Tipps zum Re-use unserer Schraubgläser

Simple tips for re-using our screw jars

Too good for the bottle bank

We are often asked how our labels can be removed so that the screw jars can be reused. Those who know and use our products know that this is sometimes a bit more difficult.

But it is not completely impossible! To reuse our jars and loosen the labels, we recommend just soaking them in water BEFORE using dishwashing liquid. You'll see - then the labels will be easy to peel off. This is because when you put our jars in the dishwasher, the dishwashing detergent reacts with the label glue and, unfavorably, causes it to harden even more. So if the jars haven't been in the dishwasher yet, the labels are usually very easy to peel off after soaking.

Background for you

With our labels, we place a lot of emphasis on working plastic-free. That's why we use paper labels - in contrast to the plastic labels that are very common in the refrigerated section. However, this then leads to a new problem: paper works at different temperatures as well as the resulting condensation moisture and can sometimes form quite ugly bubbles. So, together with our print shop, we tinkered with the adhesive for the labels and finally decided on one that is quite strongly adhesive. So now we are faced with the problem that our paper labels are relatively difficult to remove - especially if they have already come into contact with washing-up liquid.

3 easy steps to remove the labels from the screw-top jar lids

With our lids, it can be a bit more difficult as well, since the adhesive on them is a bit more stubborn again. But after these 3 steps you can easily reuse the lid:

1. soak the lid in water for about 15 minutes so that the label can soak.

2. once the time is up, remove the lid from the water and peel off the label as best you can.

3. if the glue cannot be completely removed, in a third step it is recommended to put some vegetable oil on a cloth and scrub the lid - this way even the most stubborn glue residues can be removed.

Do you want to reuse the jar, but the lid smells unpleasant?

Get rid of unpleasant odors from the lids with...

...coffee grounds

Put some old coffee grounds on the inside of the lids and leave it overnight.


In a small bowl, mix water and vinegar together in a 50:50 ratio and place the lids in the mixture overnight.

...Dishwashing Liquid

Rub the lids with a squirt of dishwashing liquid and let it soak overnight.

...Baking Powder

Mix a packet of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of warm water to make a thick paste and leave it on the inside of the lids overnight.

In all four cases, be sure to rinse the lid thoroughly with clean water the next day before using it again.

Whether as a storage jar for spices, nuts & seeds or tea, for taking food to go or simply as a drinking glass - our jars are the perfect size to be used again and again. You can find some inspiration on our blog for further use.

Do you have any other tips? Feel free to write us at Instagram or email us at hi@completeorganics.de