10 Ideen zum Upcycling unserer Gläser

10 ideas for upcycling our glasses

Our glasses are perfect for bringing creativity into your home. And we'll show you how

If you want to buy sustainably, you reach for glass - but surely you've heard someone say: "Glass is anything but sustainable! Its environmental footprint is much worse than plastic or other packaging!"

Unfortunately, we also have to admit that this is true in principle - even though glass is 100 percent recyclable and can be reused much better. Because if you consider the very energy-intensive new production, it leaves a far worse ecological footprint than PET bottles or Tetra Pak, for example. So if the glass is only used once and then disposed of, it definitely scores very poorly in the eco-balance.

But watch out: The solution here lies in reuse! Then the balance is directly improved many times over. That's why we decided to use our jars, which you can actually reuse until they break - then you can simply dispose of them (spoon clean and without lids) in the nearest used glass container.

Fun Facts: Proper recycling is also a must, by the way: because the more recycled glass you use, the less energy is required in glass production. What's more, each ton of recycled glass saves about 670 kg of CO2.

So while we make a conscious effort to avoid plastic in our products as much as possible, we also want to show you ways you can actually do things with our jars after you've spooned out the fermented veggies. For this purpose, our Completeorganics team has collected some great, creative and practical ideas on how you can give our screw-top jars a new purpose, and thus improve their ecological footprint.

You can also learn how to easily remove the labels from our jars in this post.

1 | Pencil cup
Whether in the office or at home. Our glasses are on almost every desk in our house. Because as simple as they are, they are perfect for storing pens - without unintentionally bringing unrest into the workplace.

2 | Storage jar
If they add a nice flair to your kitchen when open on the shelf, they do just as well and clearly in drawers, with labeled lids. All you need is an embossing tool, pens or stickers to label them, and you can fill them with whatever your kitchen has to offer: from spices to sugar, nuts, muesli, couscous, lentils and rice to coffee and your favorite tea blends.

Stiftebecher Completeorganics Upcycling
Vorratsgläser Completeorganics Upcycling

3 | Dessert Glass
Our screw-top glasses are also great for serving desserts in a special way. Simply fill panna cotta, mousse au chocolat and Co. directly into the glass, a bow around it and the dessert glass is ready.

4 | Candle jar
Especially in the evening, decorative candles or lanterns contribute wonderfully to the mood. In addition, how about an Advent wreath made from our glasses this year? The production of the candle jars is very fast and let your creativity run wild.

Windlicht Completeorganics Upcycling

5 | Drinking glass, also as a To Go container
You can not do without your coffee to go in the morning? Then simply bring one of our glasses to your favorite café and have it filled instead of the disposable cup (and your own karma account at the same time).

And thanks to its stability, it also makes an excellent drinking glass for tea or other beverages.

6 | plant cuttings/ sprout jar/ flower vase
Grow plant cuttings in it, or give away e.g. flowers or a few planted cuttings in the jar. You can also easily make a sprout jar out of our jars by growing some delicious and healthy sprouts in them. As a topping to our ferments, they should not be missing in any kitchen.

Completeorganics Upcycling Sproesslinge

7 | Storage in the fridge or freezer
In addition, you can easily freeze leftovers in the jar or store them in the fridge. You want to avoid plastic boxes in the cupboard as well as buying unnecessary plastic freezer bags? Then just use our empty screw jars.

8 | Transport
Accordingly, you can easily take your food in a jar to work the next day. Whether it's salads, soups, your favorite breakfast cereal or just the sauce for your pasta - our jars are the slightly different "to go" container for your food at the office. The smaller jars of our condiments are perfect for salad dressing, pesto and co.

9 | Storage option for small items
But that's not all. Because our jars, both the large and the small of our Condiments, are also super suitable as storage for odds and ends. Sort screws, hair ties, cotton pads, buttons, craft supplies, etc., label the individual jars or lids, and store everything neatly and tidily in drawers, shelves or in the bathroom cabinet.

10 | Gift idea in a jar
Christmas is practically just around the corner. In no year have we spent so much time at home as this one. And more and more people have started to give free rein to their creativity and implement Do it Yourself projects that had to wait until now due to time constraints. 2020 - Truly the year of DIY!

What is better for Christmas gifts than something personal and individual in a jar! Our jars are already a beautiful and sustainable packaging alternative to wrapping paper, but we also have some gift ideas for you and are excited to see what you conjure up!

Completeorganics Upcycling Geschenk

Your own ferment
There's no question that fermented food is incredibly delicious and healthy. And you don't really need much to ferment it yourself. Reason enough to get into the ancient method of preservation and gift your loved ones with your own creations, right? We have free fermentation instructions for you to download (link). You can then easily pour the finished ferment into one of our empty screw-top jars to give as a gift.

Homemade in a jar
The same goes for homemade jam, sauces, pesto, dips and much more. Loop around the jar and ready is an individual and very personal gift, made with love!

Homemade cosmetics
Also homemade cosmetics such as bath salts, scrubs, dry shampoo and Co. can be packaged in our jars and give away.

Cookies/ chocolates
And for the sweet-toothed among us: There's nothing like homemade chocolates or cookies under the Christmas tree, is there?

Nothing for you?

Our handy jars are of course also wonderfully suitable for shopping in the unpacked store without carrying umpteen bulky containers. And often screw jars can also be handed over in the unpacked store, so that other customers can fill their things in them. It's best to ask at your local non-packaging store if they accept the jars.

We are excited to see what you conjure up out of our jars! Send us your photos and other upcycling ideas to hi@completeorganics.de or write us on Instagram. Of course, the same goes for questions and any feedback!