Living vegetables

Microbiotic life, biochemical processes, umami - ehh what? We know that our rediscovered method of preserving vegetables in the most natural way raises many questions. Here are the answers.

lovingly handcrafted

Cleaning, peeling, cutting, mixing - all this happens by hand in our own manufactory in Aschheim near Munich. With our radical natural products, in which we completely do without preservatives and additives, we deliberately want to offer a counter-design to common, highly processed foods.

During fermentation, we carefully monitor the fermentation process in our stainless steel tanks. You can imagine this as similar to impressions from wine production - seeing, smelling and tasting until the ideal degree of maturity is reached.

With the decision to build up our own production, we have certainly not chosen the easiest way. But one that ultimately gives us more pleasure than headaches and that gives us the opportunity to get insanely close to our products, fermentation and our living bacterial cultures.

the gut microbiome

Little researched until a few years ago, the microbiome is now considered by many scientists to be the super organ of all. Because in and on our body live trillions of bacteria, which make up to 3kg of our body weight, live in symbiosis and together form our microbiome. Our gastrointestinal tract is also home to countless microorganisms that help us digest and perform many other tasks for our well-being.

However, poor nutrition - with highly-processed foods full of unhealthy fats, sugars and artificial additives - as well as outside influences such as stress, antibiotics, smoking and alcohol can quickly throw the gut microbiome out of balance.

That's why nutrition is considered a major key to an intact microbiome, and unpasteurized fermented vegetables should definitely not be left out.

This is all pretty complex - so don't hesitate to contact us directly with any questions. You can also find more exciting background information from the world of fermentation in our blog.