Wir haben umgestellt – alles was du dazu wissen musst

We have changed - everything you need to know about it

Get to know our new range and see what we have adapted

Dear customers,

We have been working hard over the past few months and have made some changes to our product line. In this blog article we would like to inform you about our changeover to smaller glasses and other exciting innovations.

What have we changed and why?
Smaller glasses

We decided to reduce our jar size and fill weight by about 30%. Our goal here is to make the products more appealing to as many people as possible. For example, we have often received feedback that customers from single households would like to have more user-friendly portion sizes. The reduction has enabled us to achieve a lower purchase price per jar for all products (except daikon kimchi), which lowers potential barriers to purchase and thus makes it easier to try out our products.

New product names

We have adjusted the product names to make them more understandable. For example, "the new kimchi" is now called "mild kimchi" - in this way, we want to better and more clearly communicate the content and taste of each product.

New design

We have developed a new, fresh design that allows better differentiation between varieties. We have made the labels of our products clearer and also added application examples and flavor descriptions.

New products

In addition to the changes to our existing products, we would also like to introduce you to our new varieties:

smoky jalapeño herb.

Our new herb convinces with a smoky note and a pleasant spiciness.

spicy kimchi
The umami kimchi with its extra portion of spiciness is perfect for those who like it a little more intense.

blueberry kraut
In this kraut we use regional blueberries instead of Canadian cranberries for a unique fruitiness.

Is there a price increase?

With the changeover comes a base price increase on our products and we are happy to explain why after 6 years of no price increase, we unfortunately couldn't help it.

In the last 12 months our production costs have increased extremely. The massive inflation and the consequences of the energy crisis, triggered by the Ukraine war, are noticeable for us in almost all areas. We see the effects mainly in the purchase of raw materials such as vegetables and spices and in materials such as jars and cartons. In addition, the costs for energy, logistics and employees have recently risen so sharply that we were no longer able to cover our costs.

In addition, all the costs associated with the product, i.e. glass, lids, filling, etc., have not fallen to the same extent as the filling weight. When looking at the basic costs, i.e. how expensive e.g. 100g of kimchi are for us in production, the changeover unfortunately automatically results in an increase.

Changeover in the trade

We have now completed the changeover of the retail assortment. We have received some feedback that the prices have been increased disproportionately. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that we have lowered our prices for all products, with the exception of daikon kimchi.

In the case of daikon kimchi, our manufacturing costs have increased significantly due to extreme increases in the cost of raw materials compared to the other products. In order to continue to offer the product, we have unfortunately had to adjust the price to reflect the cost increases over the past few years. However, we would like to assure you that we carefully calculate the prices for all our products to ensure a fair price-performance ratio for our customers and the trade.

The changeover phase is a complex process and will occur a little earlier or later due to different stock levels in the trade. Since we sell our products through wholesalers and have no direct contact with the individual stores, we do not always have insight into whether our RRP (recommended retail price) is actually implemented. It is therefore the responsibility of the organic stores which prices are set for our products. If you still find old price tags or the new varieties are missing, please let the organic food store know.

We appreciate your feedback on the change. Feel free to write to us at hi@completeorganics.de