Fermented vegetables taste really good, but how do I eat them now?

bring life to your plate and your daily diet - with delicious and simple recipes

Rote Bete mit Linsen, Kräuterjoghurt und kurkuma blumenkohl
kurkuma blumenkohl

Beet with lentils, herb yoghurt and "the turmeric cabbage".

Beet from the oven with lentils on herb yoghurt and "the turmeric cabbage".
Frühstücksbowl mit kurkuma blumenkohl und Früchten
kurkuma blumenkohl

Breakfast bowl with "the turmeric kale" and fruits

Our ferments can do more than just savory dishes - they also bring umami to your plate in sweet dishes
Rote Beete Onigirazu gefüllt mit blueberry kraut und kurkuma blumenkohl
blueberry kraut

Beet Onigirazu stuffed with "the herb with cranberries" and "the turmeric cabbage".

Onigirazu rethought - the full load of vegetables with the vegetable wrap from Beetgold and fermented vegetables.
Einfaches Kokos-Curry mit kurkuma blumenkohl, daikon kimchi und Tempeh
daikon kimchi

Simple coconut curry with "the turmeric kale", "the daikon kimchi" and tempeh

With easy ingredients, ready in less than half an hour and incredibly delicious
Sommersalat mit gegrillten Pfirsichen, Zucchini und kurkuma blumenkohl
kurkuma blumenkohl

Summer salad with grilled peaches, zucchini and "the turmeric cabbage

A savory sweet summer dream straight from the grill
Buddha Bowl mit Ofengemüse und kurkuma blumenkohl
kurkuma blumenkohl

Buddha Bowl with oven vegetables and "the turmeric cabbage

Bring life and color to your plate in no time with this colorful vegan veggie bowl
Quinoa Bowl mit Tahini Gemüse und kurkuma blumenkohl
kurkuma blumenkohl

Quinoa bowl with tahini vegetables and "the turmeric cabbage

A bowl packed with exciting flavors, baked crisp with tahini dressing
Mango Sticky Reis mit Kokos und kurkuma blumenkohl
kurkuma blumenkohl

Mango sticky rice with coconut and "the turmeric kale".

Whether for breakfast or dessert, this coconut rice is fresh fruity and incredibly delicious
Couscous-Salat mit Apfel und der kurkuma blumenkohl
kurkuma blumenkohl

Couscous salad with apple and the turmeric cabbage

The full load of cauliflower, colorful and summer fresh