Get ready for Veganuary

Get ready for Veganuary

A month that is very close to our hearts. That's why we're excited to make plant-based nutrition with ferments simple and exciting
What is the Veganuary?

This month - Vegan January - is about creating awarness around plant-based nutrition. Whether you eat vegan every day or just incorporate a vegan meal or two into your daily routine and avoid meat and dairy products, every little step has an impact and you remain completely free to create your Veganuary .

4 Reasons why plant-based eating is good for you and all of us.

For your health. Plant-based diets tend to contain more vitamins and fiber, can reduce the risk of many lifestyle diseases, and increase your overall well-being.

For the animals. In factory farming today, living creatures are kept, fattened, slaughtered or otherwise exploited and processed into "food" almost automatically - respectful contact between humans and "farm animals" is largely over.

‍For theenvironment. Factory farming is responsible for about 15% of the greenhouse gases caused by humans. With more plant-based nutrition, you actively and significantly contribute to climate protection.

For social justice. the more animal products we consume, the less people can be fed worldwide - a large part of the soy and grain harvest is used as animal feed instead of directly for human nutrition.

Our fermented organic vegetables make plant-based diets even more exciting

Fermented, non-pasteurized vegetables like our Cutsand Sauces increase variety in your daily diet, bring exciting umami flavors to your plate, and are simply delicious.

But it enhances vegan dishes and your plant-based diet in general not only in terms of taste but also - thanks to the lactic acid bacteria they contain, which are so valuable for our intestines - in terms of health.

To get you ready for January, we're giving you 10% off your order* with the code veganuary10.

Looking for inspiration for your veganuary? Then check out our recipe blog , because all the recipes here are vegan and full of microbiotic life.

Here you can find even more information about the Veganuary.

*Valid until 01/31/2022 and only with a minimum order value of 29€ in our online store.

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