Bunte Sommerrollen mit fermentiertem Gemüse

Colorful summer rolls with fermented vegetables

What goes better with summer rolls than our Cuts?

Rice paper
100 g glass noodles
½ cucumber
1 carrot
6-8 shiitake mushrooms
fresh bean sprouts
light and/or black sesame seeds
4-5 spring onions
fresh coriander and mint
peanut sauce

Here's how we do it

Preparing the ingredients takes the most time with summer rolls - but it's worth it!

The cleaned shiitake mushrooms can be cooked in a steamer for about 15 min or - if you don't have one at home - coated with a little oil and sautéed in a pan.

Cut the carrot and cucumber into fine strips - keyword julienne! Slice the spring onions and arrange all other fresh ingredients in bowls on the table.

Glass noodles are cooked in a flash: pour boiling water over them and let the noodles steep in it for 3-4 minutes.

At the table, it is best to put a plate with warm tap water. There you can cover the rice paper evenly with water and let it soak for about 1 minute. And then you can start rolling and feasting. To do this, place the ingredients in the middle of the rice paper sheet, add a dab of saté sauce on top and roll up the rice paper.