Grüner Spargel auf mariniertem Tofu und original kimchi

Green asparagus on marinated tofu and "the original kimchi".

Fresh and sour flavor meets asparagus and hummus
Fresh and sour flavor meets asparagus and hummus

green asparagus
100 g the original kimchi
sun-dried tomatoes
fresh coriander

for the tofu marinade:
olive oil

Here is how we proceed

To marinate the tofu before frying it in the pan, we mix olive oil with cumin, nutmeg and paprika powder and brush the finely cut slices with it on both sides.

Cut about 2cm off the ends of the green asparagus and add it unpeeled to the tofu in the pan and fry both in the hot oil.

On the plate we give a blob of hummus, put the tofu and asparagus on top and top the whole thing with "the original kimchi" and sun-dried tomatoes.

We add cilantro and lime for a little something extra and a summery fresh flavor. Bon appetit!