Mango Sticky Reis mit Kokos und kurkuma blumenkohl

Mango sticky rice with coconut and "the turmeric kale".

Whether for breakfast or dessert, this coconut rice is fresh fruity and incredibly delicious

Whether for breakfast or dessert, this coconut rice is fresh-fruity and incredibly delicious

150g rice (paella rice is best for this)
150ml coconut milk
50g the turmeric kale
½ mango
4 walnuts
1 tsp almond paste
1 pinch of salt

This is how we proceed

We wash the glutinous rice thoroughly until the water remains clear.

Then we bring water to a boil with a little salt in a pot and let the rice steam in it for about 15 minutes. Drain the water and add the coconut milk, then heat the whole thing over medium heat without the coconut milk starting to boil.

We cut the mango lengthwise, cutting close to the stone. Then we take the individual parts in our hands and cut fine strips into the flesh of the fruit and then separate it from the peel.

Chop the walnuts into small pieces.

Then we fill the cooked coconut rice into two bowls, put the mango strips on top and garnish the whole thing with the turmeric kale.

Now just top with walnuts and almond paste - done :)