Fermented vegetables taste really good, but how do I eat them now?

bring life to your plate and your daily diet - with delicious and simple recipes

Einfaches Kokos-Curry mit kurkuma blumenkohl, daikon kimchi und Tempeh
daikon kimchi

Simple coconut curry with "the turmeric kale", "the daikon kimchi" and tempeh

With easy ingredients, ready in less than half an hour and incredibly delicious
Gegrillter Räuchertofu mit daikon kimchi
daikon kimchi

Grilled smoked tofu with "the daikon kimchi

Quick cuisine with a star restaurant look. Smoked tofu topped with "the daikon kimchi" and fried glass noodles as a final touch.
Buddha Bowl mit daikon kimchi und Black-Bean-Tempeh
daikon kimchi

Buddha Bowl with "the daikon kimchi" and black bean tempeh

The Buddha Bowl can be made to your liking with a mix of hot and cold ingredients and our vegetables
Frittierte Pakoras mit original kimchi
daikon kimchi

Fried pakoras with "the original kimchi

"fry the original kimchi" Indian style in a batter coat of chickpea flour? Marius shows you how it's done
Black-Bean-Spaghetti mit Nektarinen und daikon kimchi
daikon kimchi

Black bean spaghetti with nectarines and "the daikon kimchi".

Warm, Mediterranean-spiced or as a cold salad, gluten-free black bean pasta is the perfect match for fermented vegetables
Asiatischer Reisbandnudelsalat mit daikon kimchi
daikon kimchi

Asian rice ribbon noodle salad with "the daikon kimchi".

With this colorful salad Alex and Feli have outdone themselves again
Spanische Gazpacho mit original kimchi⁠
daikon kimchi

Spanish gazpacho with "the original kimchi

Refreshing and spicy-piquant as a quick lunch for a hot summer day
Frische Waffeln mit Frühlingszwiebeln und original kimchi ⁠
daikon kimchi

Frische Waffeln mit Frühlingszwiebeln und original kimchi ⁠

Waffeln und Brunch gehören einfach zusammen und hier haben wir eine koreanisch angehauchte Variante
Klassische Kimchi-Pfannkuchen mit original kimchi
daikon kimchi

Classic kimchi pancakes with the original kimchi

Kimchijeon, also called kimchi-buchimgae, originates from Korea and is often called kimchi pancakes in our country